First blog post (Goals 2017-2018)…a little late to the party

Hi…Here is my second attempt at starting to blog. I am inspired by Julie Reulbach ~ little does she know I am a huge fan.  I have stolen (borrowed ???) many of her ideas and tweaked them to fit my classroom. (I do give her credit…I keep telling my students I am going to take them on a field trip to North Carolina so we can meet her and thank her in person)

This blog was suppose to be done Sunday night, but…I just couldn’t make it happen.  I find it very intimidating to write about what I do in class because I feel like I take everything from the #MTBoS crew and perhaps tweak it a little. I also hate to write…although one of my goals this year is to do more writing. As I want my students to write more as well.

My Goals for the 2017-2018

  • Spend more time at the beginning of the year building community. (I get so worried about “keeping up” with the other 8th grade teachers that I cheat my students and myself out of getting to know each other.)  I plan on using Sara VanDerWerf’s   first week feedback form that she blogs about here.
  • Do more Number Talks.  I started out doing them every day 2 years ago and the students really liked them. (On their end of year surveys many students said they missed doing them)
  • Stop talking so much and try to keep a poker face when students are answering a question or explaining their thinking.